I completed my bachelor’s degree in physical therapy at the Université de Montréal in 1995. (26 years experience)

Post graduate training:

  • MDT (Mechanical Diagnosis and therapy) from Robin Mckenzie institute:
    • Part A, B, C, D, E (neck, back and joint problems)
    • Clinical Skills update
    • Recovery of function in the MDT derangement syndrom
    • MDT and the Athlete
    • MDT Symposium
  • Global postural reeducation (GPR):
    • Global postural reeducation
    • Global postural reeducation for scoliosis
    • Cranio-cervical pathologies
    • Cervical pathologies
    • GPR approach for balance in skeletal muscle pathology
    • Anterior aponevrosis role in alterations of the spine and basin
  • Vestibular reeducation (vertigo, dizziness, balance problems)
    • Vestibular reeducation
    • Advanced training day in vestibular reeducation
    • Advanced vestibular reeducation in physiotherapy (vertigo and positional dizziness)
  • Temporomandibular joint (Jaw problems)
  • McConnell approach (Knee problems)
  • Disc pathology
  • Brain concussion
    • prevention, detection and management (2016)
    • Update in brain concussion management (2017)
  • Vertebral component in ostheopathy
    • Evaluation and treatment:
      • Basin
      • Cervical spine
      • Dorsal and lumbar spine
  • Cyriax approach
    • Part A, B, C (muscular technic for tendinitis)
  • Sharmann approach (muscular imbalance)
  • Internet research strategies
  • Orthopedic symposium 2013 (lumbar spine, shoulder, knee and foot problems.)
  • Lumbar spine management guide
  • Swelling, the enemy
  • Tendinopathy and gonarthrosis treatment by platelet-rich plasma
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